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About our school


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Historical perspective

Wonder world leaders center is a progressive educational child care/ pre-school facility. Launched and established in September of 2013. We currently served children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Our capacity can hold approximately 126 children which includes the after school program. We are conveniently located in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. The address is 2723 church avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11226. Our phone number is 

718-940-1600/fax--718-940-1601. Email—[email protected] and the website is www.Wonderworldleaders.Com



Mission statement

To develop a bond and partnership with parents/guardians in order to instill leadership skills to all children in our care: to foster and groom leaders from infant hood to adulthood throughout the community. Ultimately the main mission is to provide quality care in a very safe and comfortable environment to all of our children, staff, parents and others.


For all of the children in our care to become transformational leaders of today and tomorrow in their community and trhoughout the world. To open up more of these centers in order to make a difference to all of the children in our community and society.

Objective goals

Building a strong culture and educational backgroung of leadership for all children. Also put in place a prevention and a safe procedure plan to keep all of the children and staff safe, comfortables, and sound. Additionally, the goal is to conveniently serve the community five days a week. This in turn, provides flexibilty to all parents/guardians. Moreover, to provide an extremely safe, learning, nurturing and comfortable program to infants and toddlers, pre-schoolers and school age children.

Furthermore, setting forth a cultural foundation for learning, disciplining and developing children both physically and mentally. Also, providing the safest care and simultaneously engaging in developing strong leaders of today and tomorrow. Lastly, our general focus is mainly on building a strong educational culture for all of our children in our care through savvy collaboration of parents, teachers and all other

constituents engaging in our mission.

Principle core values

Provide care to all. Lead, educate and treat all fairly and equally with respect and dignity. We strongly stand as a whole organization for leadership commitment and professionalism......

Wonder world core philosophy

Wonder world leaders center’s brass strongly believe that instilling a foundation of leadership skills from infancy plays a major role in the child development model which incorporates the theories of sofftler and others. Learning through play and acting is viewed as the cornerstone of the curriculum. Adults provide leadership as a role model, protection, security, stimulation, support, limits, and affection. Children are respected as individuals within a child-oriented rather than teacher-directed program.

At wonder world leaders center, children are given the opportunity to explore materials and participate in a variety of experiences. Activities are carefully planned and implemented in an open-classroom setting. Children are free to choose from age-appropriate activities including art, music, language development, pre-math skills, science and nature, and dramatic play. Children develop self-esteem, independence and problem-solving skills as they make choices and assist in planning the environment and the activities.

Moreover, our core and number one goal is to implement, provide, and enforce preventing safety measures for our children, staff, and parents. Prior to being independent, a child must know that he or she can depend on adults and a predictable environment.

All children are treated with respect and kindness.

Leadership commitment

We are committed of providing innovative leadership strategies to inspire all of the children, not limited to, but includes our staff and parents/guardians. Also implementing creative curriculum learning tools in preparation for all present and future challenges your children will be facing. In turn, these mechanisms will enable your child to easily develop the leadership skills. Base on our creative curriculums, we’re certain that your child will have a strong foundation to adapt and excell upon entering elementary, middle and high schools, college and as well as career oriented. Our core commitment is solely to develop leaders in our community.